32nd Week in Ordinary Time, Saturday

In today’s Gospel Our Lord presents the polar opposite of Our Heavenly Father, the most just judge, to remind us that we should continue to pray and to not be discouraged in the face of persisting injustice. He alludes to his return at the end of time, so he prepares us to continue our struggles and supplications for justice, knowing that some injustices will not be addressed until he returns in glory, but they will be addressed. We have to persevere in faith and hope.

The widow in today’s parable wants justice in her case. Widows and orphans are repeatedly mentioned in the Old Testament as those deserving special care, since they represent those who have no one to care for them, and the Lord gives dire warning to those who’d abuse them. The widow today can only get justice through a judge who cares nothing for those things; he only cares about himself. Yet the widow’s persistence starts to wear on his obstinacy; he doesn’t do justice for the right reasons, but he does do justice in the end, albeit for a little peace and quiet as well as a concern for his own hide. In the face of maximum injustice and little hope of attaining it the widow continues to ask for it and in the end is heard.

Our Lord reminds us today that we are in a much better situation, but we only realize that if we have faith and trust in him. Let’s continue to battle injustice in this world and not be discouraged when the cause seems hopeless. Sooner or later justice will come.

Readings: Wisdom 18:14–16; Psalm 105:2–3, 36–37, 42–43; Luke 18:1–8.