Friday after Epiphany

In today’s Gospel Our Lord doesn’t want word of healing a leper getting out, but it does. As the news starts to spread, he doesn’t decide to hold a press conference and bask in the admiration of others; rather, he withdraws to be alone and pray. His workload has increased due to word getting around about the miraculous healing, and he doesn’t shy away from it, but he also does not sacrifice his prayer life.

Today Our Lord is teaching us that we all need to take stock of how much quiet prayer time we’re reserving for him. When the weekend comes, is it just a change of noise and activity for us? Perhaps if the leper had paused for a moment of silent prayer and thanksgiving he would have realized that the best way to thank Our Lord would have been to respect his wishes and keep the matter private. Still, Our Lord harbored no resentment toward the leper contributing to an increased workload. That kind of peace and understanding no matter what is thrown at you is a fruit of silence, recollection, and prayer.

The new year is barely a week old, and it’s not too late to make a new resolution. Make a resolution to spend a little time each day in silence, alone with Our Lord, and you’ll be amazed by the peace it gives you throughout the day.

Readings: 1 John 5:5–13; Psalm 147:12–15, 19–20; Luke 5:12–16. See also 12th Week in Ordinary Time, Friday.