4th Week of Easter, Wednesday

Readings: Acts 12:24–13:5a; Psalm 67:2–6, 8; John 12:44–50. Note: April 29 is also the Memorial of St. Catherine of Siena.

Our Lord reminds us today that he is not just another source of self-help tips in order to help us be more fulfilled in life. He describes himself as the light. Anyone who has experienced a blackout or stumbled around in a dark room fumbling for a switch knows that without the light what awaits is paralysis, afraid to take any step that might lead to anything from a stubbed toe to a deadly fall. If he tells us where to step, what lies ahead, independently of whether we believe him or not, his words are as true as daylight, and the consequences will also be true.

We’re always free to accept Our Lord’s light and word in our lives, just as we’re free to reject them, but as he warns us today, ignoring him doesn’t mean he’ll exact a price: the fact that we turned our back on the truth exacts a price all its own. Ignorance is not bliss.

If we’re trying to close our eyes to something Our Lord is pointing out, or trying to ignore something he’s telling us in the hope that it’ll go away, let’s ask him today to help us open our eyes and adjust to the brightness of his light, and to listen to what he wants to tell us.


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