23rd Week in Ordinary Time, Wednesday

In today’s Gospel Our Lord gives encouragement to some and a warning to others. If we’ve experienced hunger, poverty, or derision in our lives, we know how much more wonderful each meal, each bill paid, and each affirmation feels. At the same time, if we’ve enjoyed a full stomach, some surplus income, and being liked by everyone, we face the temptation to just keep working to have more and to be kept more in mind–we may be full, but we never feel satisfied. Whether we’re experiencing feast or famine, glory or persecution, we have to keep our sights set on where we’ll truly be satisfied: in Heaven.

As St. Paul reminds us in the First Reading, we have to keep our sights set above. That’s what reminds us that earthly things are meant to be means to achieve heavenly ones, not just for us, but for others as well. Material wealth and honor will not last forever: as the saying goes, you can’t take it with you, and all of us have visited monuments to people who are all but forgotten. The real glory we earn will be determined by how we invested our talents and treasure in the light of eternity. If we fall into the trap of living a lie for the sake of fame and celebrity it’s just a matter of time, either here or in eternity, when we’ll be revealed for who we truly are.

Let’s not focus on how full our stomach is, how full our bank account is, or whether we’re popular. Let’s focus on living a life in Christ that will one day blossom into glory with him.

Readings: Colossians 3:1–11; Psalm 145:2–3, 10–13b; Luke 6:20–26.