2nd Week in Ordinary Time, Thursday, Year I

In today’s Gospel the Our Lord’s fame at healing and casting out unclean spirit has spread so far and wide that people come from far and wide only hoping to touch him and be healed. Back then it was the world of Palestine and its neighbors; today it is the whole world, and Our Lord, in Heaven, as high priest offers the gift and sacrifice of himself to our Father for our benefit forever. Through every celebration of the sacraments he acts, and we encounter him. If we open our hearts to the sacrament he heals us and fortifies us spiritually until one day we worship with him in eternity.

The Letter to the Hebrews is addressed to a group of converts from Judaism who are tired and thinking of falling back on the Jewish worship and Levitic priesthood (described in today’s First Reading as the “law” and arranged by Moses), which is still active in their time. The author encourages them to realize how much more perfect and eternal the priesthood of Christ in Heaven is. Christ is not only a holy and pure priest, but he is one forever. He focuses full time on his ministry (us) without any baggage or weakness. Jewish worship was a foreshadowing of the Heavenly worship inaugurated and continued in eternity by Our Lord.

In his earthly ministry he needed a boat to prevent being crushed by all those who sought him. Now he provides plenty of “space” through our faith and through the sacraments. Let’s draw closer to him through our faith and the sacraments so that he can heal us too.

Readings: Hebrews 7:25–8:6; Psalm 40:7–10, 17; Mark 3:7–12.