4th Week in Ordinary Time, Tuesday, Year I

In today’s First Reading the Letter to the Hebrews evokes a beautiful image to describe how we are encouraged and supported by the communion of saints: a cloud of witnesses who cheer us on as we run the race of life. The communion of saints does not just consist of those who’ve finished their race and won; every believer who is pleasing to God is a witness to his wonders. If the saints in Heaven and on earth are cheering us on, we don’t want to disappoint them or the one who made the race winnable: Our Lord.

The cloud of witnesses remind us that there is a race and there is a finish line we have to cross. They help us focus on running the race, not on the drink table or the sore knee. Our Lord is waiting at the finish line to congratulate us and reward us. This race is a marathon, not a sprint; it requires focus and endurance to cross the finish line.

It’s not too late to catch a second wind in the race to eternity. May the cloud of witnesses help you keep running.

Readings: Hebrews 12:1–4; Psalm 22:26b–28, 30–32; Mark 5:21–43.  See also 14th Week in Ordinary Time, Monday and 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle B.