Easter Vigil

Readings: Mark 16:1–7

The disciples thought they were doing one last kindness for Our Lord, and were trying to overcome an obstacle that seemed insurmountable: the stone sealing the tomb. That didn’t stop them from moving forward. In the end the obstacle was removed without them having to lift a finger, and their life took an unexpected turn: instead of one last gesture of kindness and closure for a departed friend, they received a wonderful surprise: their friend was alive and well. They also received a new mission: they had to spread the news.

In the light of Christ’s victory over death we know that if we continue along the path he’s shown us (love for him and for others), even when there are obstacles, even when we don’t understand, those obstacles will be overcome and those mysteries will be explained, because Christ overcame the biggest obstacle and mystery of all: sin and death.

Let’s follow the angel’s advice and share with everyone during this Easter season that Christ has risen and no obstacle or mystery can withstand his light and life. Let’s continue along the path he’s shown us knowing that following Christ is a path with obstacles and unknowns, but also with wonderful surprises from here to eternity.

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