14th Week in Ordinary Time, Saturday

Today’s Gospel reminds us that every member of the Church, regardless of whether they wield authority in it or not, is a disciple of Christ. If anyone’s got an issue with him, they’ve got an issue with us, and vice versa. The only way to avoid that would be to stop being a disciple of Christ, and Our Lord warns us that denying him would lead to our denial before the Father. This touches on what he describes as the real thing to be concerned about in trying to follow him, the things that are healthy for the soul. He doesn’t leave us alone in those dangers; the Father knows everything that goes on, watches over each little detail and each big moment of our lives with loving concern.

If the Father permitted the Son to undergo the cross, we shouldn’t be shocked if we have to experience crosses in sharing his message. It can’t stay hidden in darkness or confined to whispers; many elements of society would like us to just keep to ourselves and not bother them. It’s hard when we try to share truth, goodness, and love with others and they reject it or threaten us if we don’t shut up. In the light of eternity those threats mean little; the real threats are the ones that make us question our faith or our resolve to be followers of Christ. Christ will stand up for us on the Judgement Day if we stand up for him in this life. Even if we’re not always vindicated on the time table we’d prefer, we will be vindicated in serving and loving him.

Let’s ask Our Lord today for the courage to share his Gospel on the housetops and show that we’re his disciples.

Readings: Genesis 49:29–32, 50:15–26a; Psalm 105:1–4, 6–7; Matthew 10:24–33.