15th Week in Ordinary Time, Wednesday

In today’s Gospel Our Lord reminds us that certain mysteries of life are not going to be understood on the basis of brainpower and doctorates. God chooses to reveal himself and a profounder understanding of the world, of him, and of ourselves. Many of those insights would be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve by the power of our reasoning alone. When we don’t understand a truth of the faith, like a child who trusts a parent, we communicate it and live it without concern for being duped or understanding it completely. That doesn’t mean we can’t try to connect the dots and understand the things Our Lord reveals to us, but, like a child, we know Our Father can give us some good advice and teaching for working things out.

Jesus reminds us today that we never stop being children of God, and, like good children with loving parents, we gratefully accept and communicate the truths Our Father reveals to us through His Son, Our Big Brother, who has testified to them all the way to the Cross and beyond. Since we never stop being God’s children we should never lose a childlike attitude: being loving, trusting, grateful, and always open to new wonders and discoveries, confident that Our Father will work out the details.

Let’s ask Our Lord to help us re-discover today the wonder of being his children.

Readings: Exodus 3:1–6, 9–12; Psalm 103:1b–4, 6–7; Matthew 11:25–27.