18th Week in Ordinary Time, Tuesday

In today’s Gospel we see Peter exercising a faith that was still a work in progress when things seemed difficult. When things in our life seem difficult, and God reveals himself, we too can get scared, since we often associate God with life and death, when he actually wants to be with us in fair weather or foul weather, not just in crisis moments. When he reveals himself, as he did to the disciples, it is to encourage us to continue forward in faith.

Peter shows a faith today that is uncertain, but willing to take a risk in a seemingly impossible situation: he’s not just asking for a sign from Jesus that it is him, but he is also offering to take a risk in taking a step toward him. Jesus invites him to take the risk, and, when Peter’s faith starts to falter, he helps him. Peter started focusing on the wind and water–the difficulties–instead of on Our Lord. All he had to do was fix his eyes upon Jesus again and Our Lord was ready to help him and to continue to help him grow in his faith.

If things are difficult, be on watch for Our Lord revealing himself in your situation. He may ask you to do something risky, something seemingly impossible, but as long as you keep your eyes fixed on him with faith he will enable you to take the next step.

Readings: Numbers 12:1–13; Psalm 51:3–7, 12–13; Matthew 14:22–36.