20th Week in Ordinary Time, Thursday

In today’s Gospel the wedding feast reminds us of Heaven, but also that although everyone is invited to the party, some in the end will not be found worthy to participate in it. After receiving a lot of rejection and hostility from those who were first on the list of invitees, the king broadened his invitation and, as the parable says, the good and the bad arrived. If this parable speaks to us of Heaven it’s also a reminder that God is merciful and good, but in the we have to do our part, even a little, if we want to be saved. Salvation is not automatic.

The man with no wedding garment had no answer for the king’s question: there was no excuse he could offer, and if the king was displeased, it means something was expected of that man that he didn’t do. That wedding garment symbolizes having done something to partake and appreciate the marriage feast. This poor man shows no signs of celebration whatsoever. Maybe he represents that Christian who goes through the motions all their life, but never really seeks to help himself or others to get to Heaven. We have to give Our Lord something to work with. The man with no wedding garment managed to get to the banquet hall, but he didn’t go far enough to stay.

Let’s thank Our Lord today for inviting us to his Heavenly Banquet by welcoming his invitation and getting ready for the party through a holy life.

Readings: Judges 11:29–39a; Psalm 40:5, 7–10; Matthew 22:1–14.