22nd Week in Ordinary Time, Wednesday

Today’s Gospel reminds us that Our Lord intended to spread his Gospel from the beginning. The miraculous healing of Peter’s mother-in-law draws attention: instead of just a fever breaking and the need for more rest, she is completely restored and able to attend to the needs of others. Soon others are bringing their sick, and Our Lord casts out more demons who, like yesterday, continued to try to spoil the surprise that Our Lord was gradually revealing to the people of Israel.

After a night of excitement, Our Lord withdraws to pray, alone and quiet. People are coming to him, and news is starting to spread. The people want him to stay with them and go looking for him for fear he might leave. They soon learn that the Gospel is meant to spread; Our Lord cannot just remain in one house or one town–he wants to personally deliver the message. As the First Reading reminds us, the Gospel continues to bear fruit and grow throughout the entire world.

The Gospel is meant to spread. Let’s examine ourselves today to see whether we’re keeping it all to ourselves or sharing it.

Readings: Colossians 1:1–8; Psalm 52:10–11; Luke 4:38–44.