26th Week in Ordinary Time, Monday

In the second part of today’s Gospel Our Lord reminds us that God’s designs are mysterious, but always for the good. The disciples catch someone invoking Christ’s name to cast out demons who is not currently in the company of the disciples. Yet God blesses that someone because anyone who is for God is for God’s followers.

Even today among Christians there exist sad divisions that prevent us from living a full and visible communion, but Our Lord blesses everyone who believes in him to some degree and enables him to do good. The important thing is to praise the good being done and pray for the greater good: full and visible Christian unity.

Let’s thank Our Lord today for all the good he does through all believers who identify themselves as Christian, and let’s pray for the restoration of full visible unity between all Christ’s followers.

Readings: Zechariah 8:1–8; Psalm 102:16–23, 29; Luke 9:46–50. See also 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle B and 19th Week in Ordinary Time, Tuesday.