3rd Sunday of Easter, Cycle C

The Lamb in today’s Second Reading, surrounded by everyone and everything falling down in worship before him, is the same person who makes breakfast for the disciples in today’s Gospel after a long night fishing. Do we let that sink in? Peter and the disciples did, which is why in today’s First Reading they were happy to have suffered dishonor for the sake of Jesus. You cannot pigeonhole Our Lord in once place and role or he other: if you try to either just place Our Lord in Heaven or on the shore cooking breakfast, you cannot understand what motivates him. He doesn’t just want our adoration; actually, he deserves that and woe to us if we don’t give it to them. He wants our love. He doesn’t need our love, but he wants it.

We can all stand in Peter’s place in today’s Gospel. A burst of enthusiasm has us running toward the Lord, but also, after the initial emotion, in our hearts, he asks us, over and over, “Do you love me?” We have the same hesitation in responding as Peter; we know there are moments when we haven’t loved him and moments where we haven’t loved him as much as we should. They are moments where we wouldn’t have adored him in Heaven or stood up for him on earth, but he never stopped being there for us, and he never will.

Put yourself in Peter’s shoes today and respond to Our Lord’s questions from wherever you’re at regarding your relationship with him. Just like Peter, he will coax a greater love out of you if you let him.

Readings: Acts 5:27–32, 40b–41; Psalm 30:2, 4–6, 11–13; Revelation 5:11–14; John 21:1–19. See also 2nd Week of Easter, Thursday (2)7th Week of Easter, Friday and Easter Friday.