6th Sunday of Easter, Cycle C

As we prepare for the Solemnity of the Ascension, to be followed two weeks from today by Pentecost, we see the readings turning to the protagonism of the Holy Spirit in the Church. In today’s Gospel, at the Last Supper, Our Lord promises to send the Holy Spirit in order to teach the disciples and remind them of what Our Lord had told them. We see that help of the Holy Spirit in today’s First Reading when the apostles explain, “It is the decision of the Holy Spirit and of us…” Today we call that the Magisterium of the Church. John in today’s Second Reading is taken in spirit to see a vision of the heavenly Jerusalem; the Spirit enables him to see things others can’t.

We have a powerful Advocate. The Spirit doesn’t just hover around us; the Spirit is within us, along all the Most Holy Trinity, if we remain in a state of grace. The Spirit sanctifies us, and wants to guide us as well, if we let him. Even when we are not open to the Spirit, the Spirit helps our shepherds to teach us and remain faithful to what Our Lord has told us: the Gospel.

In two weeks we hope to receive a special outpouring of the Spirit who already dwells within us through baptism and a holy life. Let’s examine our lives to see whether we are letting the Spirit guide us, and hope and pray for a personal Pentecost.

Readings: Acts 15:1–2, 22–29; Psalm 67:2–3, 5–6, 8; Revelation 21:10–14, 22–23; John 14:23–29. See also 5th Week of Easter, Monday.