13th Week in Ordinary Time, Tuesday, Year II

Today’s Gospel reminds us that we all experience a moment of panic when storms arise in life and it seems Our Lord is sleeping. In today’s Gospel this storm could even be seen as Our Lord’s fault: he got into the boat first. However, it’s also important to realize that the disciples followed him into the boat; they chose to get into that boat. When we follow Christ storms may arise and it may seem like he is napping, but he is probably testing our faith.

The disciples in today’s Gospel wanted Our Lord to do something. Even panicking would have meant something, but he remained asleep until they woke him. They didn’t think about the fact that Our Lord had got into the boat first; if he was unconcerned, why weren’t they? They would have had a stormy ride, but they would have gotten through it. With the little faith they had they went to Our Lord for a solution and with a few words the storm was gone.

The disciples learned that they had to have more faith. Let’s ask Our Lord as well to help us have more faith in him when things get stormy.

Readings: Amos 3:1–8, 4:11–12; Psalm 5:4b–8; Matthew 8:23–27. See also 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle B13th Week in Ordinary Time, Tuesday, and Wednesday after Epiphany.