15th Week in Ordinary Time, Wednesday, Year II

In today’s First Reading the Lord warns Assyria about forgetting why it has had military successes. The Lord explains through Isaiah that it was chosen to be an instrument of punishment toward a wicked Israel and that was the reason for its military victories and expansion. However, Assyria gives itself the credit and falls into pride. The Lord’s revelation would be somewhat shocking to the Assyrians, since each nation thought it had its own gods that attended to its own affairs. Here the Lord, the God of Israel, was showing he was greater than any one nation and greater than the gods of Assyria.

Due to their arrogance the Lord warns that misfortune is headed their way. We can all be instruments of God’s will if we seek his help and guidance; it is a way of repaying him for all that he has done for us, but it is also the best path we can take for our own growth and fulfillment. The Lord warned Assyria today that it was taking the wrong path; Our Lord warns us too when a direction we’re taking in life is not in our best interest. We’re free to choose to do his will or not. The consequences are a fruit of our choices.

Ask the Lord today if your life needs to take a new direction.

Readings: Isaiah 10:5–7, 13b–16; Psalm 94:5–10, 14–15; Matthew 11:25–27. See also 1st Week of Advent, Tuesday, 26th Week in Ordinary Time, Saturday, and 15th Week in Ordinary Time, Wednesday.