16th Week in Ordinary Time, Tuesday, Year II

In today’s First Reading the prophet Micah now speaks on behalf of Israel to God instead of the other way around. Israel prays for reconciliation with the Lord and expresses trust in his mercy. They use the image of being sheep cared for by a shepherd; the language of their prayer shows their willingness to docilely submit themselves in humility to the Lord’s will knowing that he doesn’t just make demands, but cares for them, just as they recall he did with their forefathers, the Patriarchs. Israel feels the weight of their sins, which is why they describe the Lord liberating them from sin as tossing something into the ocean: a great weight will sink into the depths of the sea and be forgotten.

If there’s one thing our society frowns upon, it’s submitting to anyone. Humility is not in great demand, unless we expect others to be humble and submit to what we want. It is easier to learn humility if we concentrate on being led by the Lord. This only makes sense if we see what a Good Shepherd he has been to us in his Son. Being led by him into greener pastures is something that starts right now.

If you’ve strayed from Our Lord don’t be afraid to draw closer to him, trusting in his mercy, so that he can lead you once again to greener pastures.

Readings: Micah 7:14–15, 18–20; Psalm 85:2–8; Matthew 12:46–50. See also 16th Week in Ordinary Time, Tuesday and 25th Week in Ordinary Time, Tuesday.