19th Week in Ordinary Time, Saturday, Year II

In today’s First Reading the Lord scolds those who believe children are simply the victims or beneficiaries of their parents’ actions and nothing more. The Israelites had adopted a “born to lose” mentality that was not the plan of the Lord. Parent and child would be responsible for their own actions. Sadly today for many parents children are seen as the fruit of mistakes they’ve made: children are lucky to be born in a society that only wants them when convenient and tries to prevent them from coming to term when they’re not.

Our Lord wants to bless children to show us that they are a blessing. He wants them to be born, to come to him in Baptism, and to lead holy and happy lives. We must not be an obstacle to that, nor should we permit society to do so. We help them approach Our Lord by letting them live their childhood in innocence and not letting society rob them of it.

Let’s pray and work so that every child is born, is loved, and is helped to know and experience Our Lord.

Readings: Ezekiel 18:1–10, 13b, 30–32; Psalm 51:12–15, 18–19; Matthew 19:13–15.