20th Week in Ordinary Time, Thursday, Year II

Salvation history is a history of promises fulfilled, and a promise that in the future all the Lord’s promises will be fulfilled. In today’s First Reading the Lord promises to show once again the holiness of his name after his people sullied it through the sins, and he did so through Jesus Christ. He promises to show his holiness through bringing his people home again. He describes how he’ll sprinkle water on them to cleanse them from their impurities and idolatry, a promise fulfilled through Baptism, which not only initiates sinners into Christian life, but also represents turning from other gods to serve the Lord through an act of faith.

He promises us a new heart, a compassionate one to replace the hardened stone heart that only led to misery and sin, and through Baptism we receive the theological virtue and grace of charity. He would put his own Spirit into us, the Holy Spirit, that is poured into our hearts in Baptism and strengthened through the sacrament of Confirmation. Through the Spirit we are empowered to do good and bei holy, so that we may be seen to be God’s People and, one day, reach the definitive Promised Land in eternity.

Ask Our Lord to help you see all the promises he has fulfilled in your salvation history.

Readings: Ezekiel 36:23–28; Psalm 51:12–15, 18–19; Matthew 22:1–14. See also 31st Week in Ordinary Time, Tuesday and 20th Week in Ordinary Time, Thursday.