23rd Week in Ordinary Time, Saturday, Year II

In today’s First Reading Paul invites us to consider who or what we are idolizing. We only really have one altar in our hearts, and no matter how much we try to crowd onto it, it only has room for one. Anything else will just fill us with restlessness and unhappiness.

The Christians of Corinth faced a polytheistic culture that was woven into the fabric of their society. Banquets and even the meat from the local butcher was food that had been sacrificed to idols, and eating that food gave the impression of worship those false gods. Paul explains the danger by reminding us that when we eat the Bread of life and drink the Precious Blood we enter into communion with Our Lord. Partaking of food in any other context of worship implies desiring communion, and we are only meant for communion with God and with each other.

We may not face this danger in the same way today, but we do often risk putting others or other things on that altar in our hearts that should be reserved for the Lord alone. Let’s take a moment today to withdraw into that shrine of our souls and make sure the Lord alone is worshiped and honored there.

Readings: 1 Corinthians 10:14–22; Psalm 116:12–13, 17–18; Luke 6:43–49. See also 1st Week of Advent, Thursday, 12th Week in Ordinary Time, Thursday, and 23rd Week in Ordinary Time, Saturday.