31st Week in Ordinary Time, Monday, Year II

In today’s First Reading Paul encourages the Philippians to be of one mind in their charity and concern for others, because that would crown his joy. The key is putting others first: it shows that the gifts of grace we have received as believers were not given in vain. We struggle at times to put others first, but how much joy it brings us when we overcome our selfish tendencies and truly help someone in need.

In today’s Gospel Our Lord invites us to go beyond our circle of comfort when it comes to putting others first. When we put our family and friends first, often we’re just fulfilling an obligation or responding in turn to what they have done for us. That is noble, but when we show concern for those who have nothing or no one, we are 100% putting others first, expecting nothing in return. There’s no greater imitation of Christ’s love than that.

Let’s examine our level of concern for “everyone” as Paul encourages us today, so that the joy of Our Lord and his saints will be complete.

Readings: Philippians 2:1–4; Psalm 131:1b–e, 2–3; Luke 14:12–14.