St. Andrew the Apostle

Of the Twelve apostles there were four blood brothers: Peter and Andrew, and James and John. Today in celebrating the feast of St. Andrew, St. Peter’s brother, we are also celebrating a brotherhood in the Lord that every believer dreams of for his family. In John’s Gospel it was Andrew who first met Our Lord, and then introduced him to Peter.

Having a brother who not only shares your blood, but also your faith is a blessing indeed. Even more beautiful is a brother who can help you discover your vocation. For Andrew this brotherhood in Christ went beyond his immediate family. When some Greeks wished to speak with Our Lord, they went to Andrew. Andrew represents the brotherhood between the Greek-speaking Eastern Churches and the Latin-speaking Western ones.

Let’s pray today for families to be not only families of blood, but families of faith, so that they can help each other to discover God’s plan in their lives.

Readings: Romans 10:9–18; Psalm 19:8–11; Matthew 4:18–22.