Easter Tuesday

Readings: Acts 2:36–41; Psalm 33:4–5, 18–20, 22; John 20:11–18

In today’s Gospel we recall that agonizing moment for Mary Magdalene between discovering the empty tomb and meeting the Risen Lord. Mary had been brave and all she wanted was to show one last kindness to Our Lord before saying goodbye. It seems even that is denied to her as she discovers the tomb empty and no one knows where Jesus has been taken. She tells Peter and John and they look inside and return home speechless. After all these days of suffering her bravery is spent and she breaks down in tears. Angels appear to her and she only wants to know where Jesus has been taken so that she can get him back. Jesus himself doesn’t identify himself to her at first and she only wants to know where Jesus has been taken.

What an explosion of joy when Jesus calls her by name and she realizes that he is not dead and gone, but alive and well. Her dedication and devotion are rewarded beyond her wildest dreams: someone beloved and gone is present and alive. The Risen Lord teaches us today that no darkness or despair can stand the test of time in the light of his Resurrection. No matter how difficult or impossible a situation may seem, it will be overcome if we face it with love and hope.

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