Easter Wednesday

Readings: Acts 3:1–10; Psalm 105:1–9; Luke 24:13–35.

The disciples on the road to Emmaus in today’s Gospel remind us that when the events of life just don’t seem to connect, or they don’t turn out as we expect, we need to listen more closely not only to what Our Lord is trying to tell us through situations and circumstance, but also what he has been trying to tell us all along. The disciples expected a type of savior and salvation that they didn’t get, and they couldn’t connect the dots on their own to understand what Jesus had been trying to teach them all along.

Jesus is the Word who connects all the dots in Sacred Scripture. He showed the disciples today how Sacred Scripture pointed to him, to what he must undergo, and to what would happen as a result. He wants to shed light on our lives through meditating on his words. If you’re having a hard time connecting the dots and understanding life, seek out Jesus in Sacred Scripture and he will help you to understand. Listen to him more closely and ask him to explain whatever you don’t understand about life. He always has an answer.

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