Easter Saturday

Readings: Acts 4:13–21; Psalm 118:1, 14–15b, 16–21; Mark 16:9–15.

Why is Our Lord so upset with the Eleven today? The Gospel says it was because of their lack of faith and hardness of heart. They didn’t believe what Mary Magdalene had told them, or the two disciples. Their fellow disciples were trying to share the good news and their response was a lack of faith. Alongside a scolding from Our Lord they receive the mission of spreading the Gospel everywhere and to every creature.

Mary Magdalene and the two disciples on the road were trying to do something when Jesus found them, whether it was right or wrong. Jesus came to them out in the field and helped them stay on track. In contrast, the Eleven, his most trusted disciples, weren’t doing anything: they were shut up in a room full of fear and uncertainty. Jesus was hard on them, but he put them back on track: what a difference between these frightened men who are supposed to be the Apostles and the example of witness to Christ that they show later on in the First Reading. They got the message.

The Church is called apostolic not only because it is founded on the Apostles and their testimony, but also because every member is called to be an apostle, a disciple of Christ who goes out to share the Gospel and spread the good news. Let’s not be afraid today to show our faith in Christ to others, trusting that he will help us stay on track. Let’s do something for him.

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