Easter Friday

Readings: Acts 4:1–12; Psalm 118:1–2, 4, 22–27a; John 21:1–14.

Can you imagine Our Lord helping you at work or cooking you breakfast? The Gospel today reminds us that after his earthly mission Jesus works behind the scenes and chooses to reveal himself when it’s necessary. In the accounts we’ve considered so far the Risen Christ chooses to reveal himself; John in this account says that this was the third time Jesus had revealed himself to the disciples since his resurrection. He is always with us. He’s at our workplace, in our kitchen, and at school. He works miracles and kindnesses every day, but he stays very low key.

John recognizes Our Lord’s handiwork today in the great catch after a night fishing. Peter only needs to hear that Jesus is near to drop everything and head toward him. Let’s thank Our Lord for all the little miracles and kindnesses he grants us every day, and when we do spot his handiwork from time to time, let’s draw nearer to him to thank him. When our work seems fruitless, remember that Our Lord blesses our perseverance sooner or later.

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