Easter Sunday, Mass During the Day

Readings: Acts 10:34a, 37–43; Psalm 118:24; Psalm 118:1–2, 16–17, 22–23; Colossians 3:1–4; 1 Corinthians 5:7b–8a; John 20:1–9

The readings for Easter Sunday teach us that the Risen Christ reveals himself to those who believe in him. In the First Reading St. Peter reminds us of this when he says that only those who believed in him were then blessed by meeting and eating and drinking with the Risen Lord. He reminds us that “everyone who believes in him will receive forgiveness of sins through his name”: on the day of our Baptism we had an encounter with the Risen Lord that transformed us into children pleasing to Our Heavenly Father, and he continues to reveal himself to those who believe in him. An encounter with the Risen Christ in faith is always a salvific and transforming experience.

As St. Paul reminds us in the Second Reading, an outlook of faith keeps our eyes fixed on the things of above, where we know the Risen Christ stands at the right hand of His Father and intercedes for us. Like John in today’s Gospel let’s look at the signs of Jesus’ resurrection–an empty tomb, a suspiciously well-folded head wrapping–and simply believe. Our Lord will reveal himself to us and transform us in this Easter season and beyond.