Easter Thursday

Readings: Acts 3:11–26; Psalm 8:2ab, 5–9; Gospel Luke 24:35–48.

Today’s readings remind us that Jesus even today is not only alive and well, but he is active. In the First Reading St. Peter is clear that the miraculous healing that has taken place was done in the power and name of Jesus. In every celebration of a sacrament Jesus continues to sanctify us and in the Eucharist he is really among us.

The Gospel today reminds us that Jesus is real, even today. He’s not just a memory, a historical figure who made a great impact on history. He’s not a ghost, something not quite dead that haunts our conscience and makes us uneasy wondering where he is or what he is doing. He’s active and present in our lives, whether we’re aware of it or not, and more real and alive than we could ever imagine.

Just as he gave the disciples signs that he was truly alive, don’t be afraid to ask him to reveal himself to you in the daily events of your life. It’s not a question of if he is present and active in our lives, but whether we realize he is. Don’t be shy about speaking with him in those silent moments of the day and asking him what he thinks about your life.

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